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My wisdom tooth had brought trouble to me, but I was very afraid of the anesthesia process. I made an appointment from Surgery in Dentaliva through a friend of mine and I felt a pain that would not be called even a minimum while they were giving an injection. I would like to thank Dentaliva and its dentists for helping me overcome this phobia ...

“Before my orthodontic treatment, I couldn't smile comfortably, I have not liked the image I saw in the mirror. But the day I came to Dentaliva for the treatment, I got rid of all these worries. Now I smile as much as I wish, I am not disturbed by the appearance of my teeth.”

First of all, I was very pleased with the sincerity and friendliness of Dt. Ömer Faruk Tanı and his team. They also performed the treatment on the scheduled calendar. The timing was fine. I also thank you for their gentle behaviors for the treats after the treatment.

“I have been using my prostheses confidently for years. Although I live outside the city, I come to my routine controls and I am very pleased.”

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