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What are hybrid dentures?

They are  implant-supported dentures. They are the dentures which are able to replace both lost hard tissue and soft tissue, give satisfactory result in terms of aesthetics and function.

Implant-supported dentures are classified as fixed and removable dentures. This classification varies depending on factors such as the number of implants, localization and oral hygiene of the patient. Implant-supported hybrid dentures are classified in the implant-supported fixed dentures.

To whom are the hybrid dentures applied?

It is preferred in patients with high bone resorption and high laughing line to provide aesthetics.  In cases where the patient's bone height is not sufficient (in cases where the sinus upgrade operation for the upper jaw cannot be performed for certain reasons), hybrid dentures can be performed by placing the implant at an angle.

What are the types of hybrid dentures?

There are two types of hybrid dentures. It is made on the structure we call abutment, which serves as a cut tooth on the top of the implant. First, the hybrid dentures are made by a bonding method that we call cementation. Second, hybrid dentures are applied top of the implant by a screwing method.

What is the advantage of the screwed system?

In case of a problem with hybrid dentures, it is easier to solve the problem by taking out your dentures by removing the screws. if it is done by cementation (bonding) method, the force applied to remove the dentures may damage the porcelain and the implant.

Do hybrid dentures have any disadvantages?

The feature that can be considered to be a disadvantage; the parts of the dentures facing the tissue should be cleaned very well by the patient. For the sake of convenience to the patient in this regard, the dentures are polished very well and its surfaces are prepared convex.

What material are hybrid dentures made of?

In general, pink acrylic and set teeth are used for gum aesthetics on the metal infrastructure. Porcelain is also used in order to minimize coloration and abrasions.

What is Zirconium?

Zirconium is a white alloy used instead of gray metal as an infrastructure of crowns and bridgework prosthesis. It is extremely resistant to chewing forces compared to the metal infrastructure system. Thanks to its white color, it can be preferred peace of mind in the anterior where aesthetics are paramount.

This system has no opaque material used in porcelain processing on metal infrastructure systems. Due to its color and light-permeable feature, an image that is both resistant and close to nature appears.

The reflection of the metal color that formed in gums over time is not seen in this system. It has no downside to the health of your gums.

The life of the restorations is directly proportional to the care the patient pays for his oral hygiene after the dentures is duly applied.

It can be applied to individuals with metal allergies. It doesn't cause allergies.

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