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Dentaliva Dental Clinic started its operations in 2012 in Başakşehir, one of the modern districts of Istanbul, with the slogan "Make Everyone Smile" to give you the best service. As well as being professional in business by putting comfort and satisfaction first; it has adopted as the principle of providing a comfortable and peaceful environment to its patients with its disciplined, genial staff and providing quality service with its experienced and expert dentists. 

Our Treatments
We gathered all branches of dentistry under one roof with its expert staff.

There can be many reasons for the discoloration of teeth.

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It is a aligner orthodontic treatment that corrects your teeth with regular controls of the aligners made by taking the measurements of your teeth.

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There is no need to place veneers on all surfaces of the teeth.

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It is applied to aesthetically improve the size, shape, length and color of the teeth.

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Stress has an important role in pain and dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint.

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Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the health of the teeth, jaw bone, the gingiva that surrounds it completely and..

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Some Commonly Carried Out Operations Regarding Oral, Maxillofacial Surgery are as follows...

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They are the dentures which are able to replace both lost hard tissue and soft tissue, give satisfactory result in terms of aesthetics and function.

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Pulp is the tissue that gives the vitality to the tooth, and is responsible for the development, nourishment and defense of the tooth.

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Pedodontics, also known as pediatric dentistry, is the part of dentistry related to children.

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Orthodontic treatment is the treatment that corrects incompatibilities between the teeth and/or lower and upper jaws.

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A correct smile design forms the basis of aesthetic dentistry. The smile design is personal.

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Implants are artificial dental roots made of titanium, which are surgically placed into the jawbone in the area where tooth loss occurs.

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We continue to create videos that you will watch with interest in this beautiful journey we embark on with the motto that make everybody smile. We will share satisfaction of our happy patients, intresting treatment processes, the answers of our specialist dentists to the questiones from you and the different experiences of our dentists. Follow us.

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Follow our albums that we will enjoy reflecting the beauties that we want to reflect out of the Dentaliva family, the happy moments of our precious patients after treatment, the happy moments of our working team, our emotional moments, our achievements, awards and development.

Customer Comments

My wisdom tooth had brought trouble to me, but I was very afraid of the anesthesia process. I made an appointment from Surgery in Dentaliva through a friend of mine and I felt a pain that would not be called even a minimum while they were giving an injection. I would like to thank Dentaliva and its dentists for helping me overcome this phobia ...

“Before my orthodontic treatment, I couldn't smile comfortably, I have not liked the image I saw in the mirror. But the day I came to Dentaliva for the treatment, I got rid of all these worries. Now I smile as much as I wish, I am not disturbed by the appearance of my teeth.”

First of all, I was very pleased with the sincerity and friendliness of Dt. Ömer Faruk Tanı and his team. They also performed the treatment on the scheduled calendar. The timing was fine. I also thank you for their gentle behaviors for the treats after the treatment.

“I have been using my prostheses confidently for years. Although I live outside the city, I come to my routine controls and I am very pleased.”

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Our Treatments
We are here to give you the best service with our expert staff.
Dt. Ömer Faruk Tanı
Dr. Dt. Emel Özdemir
Dr. Dt. Yücel Özdemir
Dt. Hacer Kazancı
Dt. Eda Özdemir
Dr.Dt.M.Cihan Babuccu
Dt. Buğrahan Koçyiğit
Dt. Elif Gözde Katmer
Dt. Burak Kaan Birgül
Dr. Dt. Merve Meşe
Dr.Dt.İbrahim Talha Meşe
Dt. Barış Kolik
Dt. Furkan NUROĞLU
Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth whitening is performed by applying a whitening gel on the teeth by isolating the gingival. There are 4 types; Home Bleaching (home type) Office Bleaching (applied at the dentist clinic) Bleaching applied to a single tooth, bleaching with the combination of Home and Office type.

The healthy gum is pale pink and ends on the surface of the tooth by reseting as a knife edge. The first sign of gum disease is redness and swelling. Then bleeding starts during brushing. This early stage is called gingivitis. If it is not treated, the problem reaches the bone and the bone tissue surrounding the tooth begins to melt. The gingival is recessed with the bone. Tooth roots appear in the mouth and sensitivity develops in the teeth

A layer containing a creamy microorganism is formed on the surface of the teeth, which we call plaque. If this plaque cannot be removed from the tooth surface by brushing regularly, it hardens and accumulations, which we call tartar or dental calculus, are formed. As long as the tartars formed remain on the tooth, they damage the periodontal tissues.

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