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Teeth whitening is performed by applying a whitening gel on the teeth by isolating the gingival. There are 4 types; Home Bleaching (home type) Office Bleaching (applied at the dentist clinic) Bleaching applied to a single tooth, bleaching with the combination of Home and Office type.

The healthy gum is pale pink and ends on the surface of the tooth by reseting as a knife edge. The first sign of gum disease is redness and swelling. Then bleeding starts during brushing. This early stage is called gingivitis. If it is not treated, the problem reaches the bone and the bone tissue surrounding the tooth begins to melt. The gingival is recessed with the bone. Tooth roots appear in the mouth and sensitivity develops in the teeth

A layer containing a creamy microorganism is formed on the surface of the teeth, which we call plaque. If this plaque cannot be removed from the tooth surface by brushing regularly, it hardens and accumulations, which we call tartar or dental calculus, are formed. As long as the tartars formed remain on the tooth, they damage the periodontal tissues.

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