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What is a Seamless Implant?

What is a Seamless Implant?

Seamless implant treatment is a method that does not require the use of seam during implant placement. In this method, the implant surgeon places the implant directly into the gum using a special technique. Before starting seamless implant treatment, oral and dental health check and examination should be performed. The dentist evaluates the patient's condition and determines whether seamless dental implant treatment is appropriate. Before the implant surgery, the dentist thoroughly examines the patient's oral health history, gum health, oral examination results, bone density, and other factors. Seamless implant application includes the following steps:

Apart from the physical examination, the jawbone should be examined in more detail. For this, radiological imaging should be performed.

The jawbone is examined digitally in three dimensions. Necessary information about the patient's bone structure is obtained.

Seamless implant treatment begins by applying local anesthesia.

A small circular area is opened in the patient's gum with the help of laser.

In seamless implant treatment, the tooth is placed in the created area.

After the implant is placed, the aim is to prevent pain that may occur in the area where it will be placed.

The healing time is shorter compared to classical implant treatment methods. It is applied with a small procedure on the patient's gums and jawbone.

To whom is Seamless Implant Treatment Applied?

Seamless implant treatment is more practical than classical implant treatment. In this form of treatment, the recovery time is quite short and the success rate is high with a low risk of infection. This dental treatment, which does not require a serious surgical procedure, does not pose any drawbacks unless there is a serious problem with the patient's general health. The structure of the jawbone must be checked to avoid any problems during placement on the jawbone. It is essential that you be examined by your dentist to determine whether you are suitable for seamless implant treatment.

Advantages of Seamless Implant Treatment

Seamless implant treatment has more advantages than traditional implant treatments. The most important advantages of this dental treatment are as follows:

Less Invasive: Seamless implant treatment is less painful and uncomfortable than traditional implant treatment.

Faster Healing Process: The patient with seamless implants heals faster than the patient with traditional implants. After the classical implant is placed, swelling, pain and discomfort may be felt in the teeth and mouth. This is prevented in seamless implant treatment.

Fewer Visits: Seamless implant treatment requires fewer visits to dental clinics than traditional implant treatment. Therefore, patients' dentist visits and treatment process may be shorter.

More Natural Appearance: Seamless implant treatment can offer a more natural appearance in the area where the implant is placed. This allows patients to smile and talk comfortably with other people.

Less Complication Risk: Seamless implant treatment is less risky than traditional implant treatment. Particularly in patients with gum disease or infection, seamless implant treatment may be less risky.

Aesthetic Results: Seamless implant treatment generally provides better aesthetic results due to less tissue damage. Post-operative seam scars may be minimal, which helps achieve a more natural appearance in the post-treatment period.

Less Blood Loss: This implant surgery generally causes less blood loss. This advantage can positively impact the patient's overall health by providing a more controlled environment during the implant surgery.

Using The Guide: The use of a continuous implant guide increases success.

Disadvantages of Seamless Implant Treatment

Although seamless implant treatment offers many advantages, it may also have disadvantages in some cases. Here are some disadvantages of this practical implant treatment:

High Cost: Since seamless implant treatment is newer and more technological than traditional methods, it can generally be higher in cost. This may create financial hardship for some patients.

Unsuitable Situations: This type of implant treatment may not be suitable for every patient. Some special circumstances, complex implant needs or anatomical features may make seamless implant treatment difficult or unsuitable.

Experienced Specialist Requirement: Seamless implant treatment may require an experienced and specialist physician. This requires the dentist who will perform the treatment to have special skills and abilities. Such treatments carried out by inexperienced dentists may lead to undesirable results.

Technological Challenges: Seamless implant treatment may vary depending on the technology used. This method may not be applicable in clinics or specialists who do not have the equipment and technology required for this treatment. Since Dentaliva has all the technological requirements for seamless implant treatment, we eliminate technology from being a handicap for this implant treatment.

Risks and Complications: As with every surgical procedure, seamless implant treatment also involves certain risks. Complications such as infection, implant rejection, or failed integration can occur with any surgical procedure.

Seamless Implant Treatment Fees

This type of implant treatment is generally more costly than other implant treatments. Seamless implant treatment treatment fees may vary depending on many factors. Some important factors affecting seamless implant treatment costs are as follows:

  • Patient's Condition
  • Number of Implants
  • Technology Used in Treatment
  • Dentist's Experience
  • Materials and Tools
  • Clinic Location
  • Insurance Policy

Dentaliva for Seamless Implant Treatment

Seamless implant treatment is part of modern dentistry practice and is offered by many dental clinics. However, there may be some differences between different clinics. Dentaliva uses the latest technology and equipment for seamless implant treatment. For seamless implant treatment, Dentaliva offers the previously mentioned advantages. It is aimed for patients to experience less pain, swelling and discomfort during implant treatment.

Dentaliva increases patients' comfort and chances of success by using more advanced technology and equipment during smooth and healthy dental implant treatment. By providing safe service, we take into account all the criteria required for oral and dental health. You can easily make an appointment to get more information about seamless implant treatment and to meet with our dentists. You are at the right place for a healthy smile.

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