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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

Implant-supported prostheses are fixed to the gums thanks to mini dental implants. Dental prostheses that are loose in the jaw or that cause discomfort to the jaw are fixed with mini dental implants. As the name suggests, mini dental implants are different from regular dental implants.

Mini dental implants are mounted in the jaw and firmly attached to the bone. In the next process, the lower part of the prosthesis is placed on the mini implant and the prosthesis is fixed. In this way, the patient can feel more comfortable as the prosthesis does not move while talking, laughing and eating.

In this method, denture adhesive is not needed. In addition, it does not need a lot of time as it is very easy to apply in the mouth. Healing time is also very short.

Is Mini Dental Implant Applied to Everyone?

Dental implant is a treatment in which a prosthesis is applied on the teeth of patients with tooth loss. It is a small but powerful treatment for tooth loss.

Implants are generally placed in the jawbone. Mini dental implants are a type of small implant with a diameter of, which is also smaller in size than the larger ones. This implant is placed without causing cuts in the gingiva and is also economical.

It can also be easily applied to old people. During this application, excessive bleeding and swelling are not experienced. Mini dental implants can be recommended for everyone. However, this method is not applied to patients who have osteoporosis, those who have had a jaw fracture before, and those whose upper jawbone is less than 13 mm and lower jawbone is less than 10 mm. Apart from these patients, mini dental implants are very good replacement teeth for people with missing teeth.

Pros of Mini Dental Implant

Mini dental implants, which are smaller than normal implants, are commonly preferred for dental replacements. The patient's teeth and jaw structure are examined and compliance is checked with the imaging system before the application. Mini dental implants can also be applied to people with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

The costs of mini dental implants are more economical than traditional dental implants. Mini dental implants are one of the most convenient and easiest types of implants. Since the gums are not cut, this application is much easier and the healing time is shorter.

Since very small holes are made in the jawbone, bleeding, pain and swelling do not occur after the application. Prostheses can also be inserted in the same session. This method is not a good option for people with low jaw bones.

Is There a Risk of Breakage of Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are also likely to break like natural teeth. However, this is not a very common complaint. If there is no osteoclasis on the jaw bones, there is a lifetime use. In cases such as not paying enough attention to oral hygiene, smoking or health problems such as osteoporosis affecting the jaw bones, even if there is a low probability, breakage may happen. Mini dental implants made of titanium alloy do not break due to normal jaw movements and biting. Because titanium is a very strong metal and adapts to the human body easily. Mini dental implants may need to be replaced if they break. Replacement can be done easily by our expert dentists, just like the application.

Why Mini Dental Implants Preferred?

Thanks to mini dental implants, implant-supported dentures are fixed to the gums. Thanks to mini dental implants, implant-supported dentures are fixed to the gums. Dental prostheses that are loose in the jaw or that cause discomfort to the jaw are fixed with mini dental implants with this treatment.

How Long Does Mini Dental Implant Treatment Take?

There is no need for denture adhesive in this method. Since it is very easy to apply to the mouth, the session ends with a treatment of about two hours in our dental clinic.

What is the Difference Between Mini Implants and Traditional Dental Implants?

The diameter of mini dental implants is approximately 50% of conventional dental implants. Therefore, the placement procedure of these implants is more minimally invasive than conventional implants. Thanks to the small diameter of the implants, they can be placed with less pain. It can be preferred as a minimal surgical operation without the need for major surgery if there is osteoporosis in old age.

How is the Mini Implant Applied?

Mini dental implants are easy to use and easily placed in the mouth thanks to their small size. The jawbone should be strong and the jaw surface should be wide enough for the area to be implanted. Our clinic deals with the treatment methods approved by our specialist dentists and we develop permanent solutions to your dental problems. Thus, we help you to have an aesthetic mouth appearance.

What are the Features of Mini Dental Implants?

  • It is budget friendly.
  • It is applied without the need to cut the gums.
  • In the same session, the patient's prostheses are placed on the implants.
  • It can be applied to patients with systemic diseases and the elderly.

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