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Best Dental Implant Brands in Turkey

Best Dental Implant Brands in Turkey

Turkey has reached great popularity around the world in dental implant brands in recent years. There are many reasons behind this popularity. This popularity is based on different factors such as quality of treatment, experienced dentists, equipment with cutting edge technology and competitive prices.

One of the most important reasons why dental implant treatments are popular in Turkey is that dental clinics in the country offer high quality services. Dental clinics in Turkey provide services in accordance with international standards. These clinics are equipped with experienced and expert dentists, cutting edge technology and modern techniques. They always offer safe and effective treatment to their patients.

Another advantage of Turkey in dental implant treatments is the competitive implant cost in Turkey. Low-cost and high-quality treatment options have made Turkey a preferred dental tourism for international patients.

Clinics that provide dental implant treatment in Turkey support their patients not only during the treatment process but also after the treatment. With a professional and patient-oriented service approach, dental clinics in Turkey aim to keep the satisfaction of their patients at the highest level. In other words, dental clinics in Turkey offer long-term service to their customers not only for dental implant treatments but for all treatments.

Dental Implant Costs in Turkey

Turkey draws attention internationally as a destination that offers quality and cost-effective services regarding dental implant treatments. Compared to many European countries and America, dental implant treatments in Turkey are carried out at very affordable prices. There are many factors that cause dental implant costs in Turkey.

One of the most important reasons why dental implant treatments in Turkey are affordable is that the country's overall cost of living and labor wages are lower compared to Europe and America. This enables dental clinics to offer services at more competitive prices. In addition, although dental implant materials and equipment in Turkey comply with international standards, their production and supply costs are low, which makes the prices more affordable.

In addition to the cost advantage of dental implant treatments and implant brands in Turkey, the quality of treatment is also high at international standards. Dental clinics in Turkey are managed by experienced and expert dentists and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In this way, patients can reach both quality and cost-effective treatment. This cost advantage in Turkey's dental implant treatments has made the country an ideal destination for dental implant treatment for foreign patients. Patients who plan to have dental implant treatment in Turkey will have a healthy and aesthetic smile and dental health with the advantage of both quality service and affordable costs.

Dental Implant Technology in Turkey

Turkey stands out internationally regarding dental implant treatments not only with its affordable costs, but also with implant brands that closely follow and apply the latest technology. Dental implant brands in Turkey closely follow technological developments in the world and apply the latest innovations and technologies in their treatments.

Dental implant clinics in Turkey are equipped with state-of-the-art devices and equipment. State-of-the-art devices such as 3D dental tomography, digital x-ray and digital planning enable patients to have a faster, more comfortable and more effective treatment experience during the treatment process. Thanks to these devices, dental implant treatment is performed more accurately, more precisely and more predictably.

Another important reason why dental implant technology is so advanced in Turkey is the country's continuous education and research activities on dental implant treatments. Dentists in Turkey regularly participate in international training programs and learn and apply the latest technological and scientific developments in dental implant treatments.

Types of Dental Implant Treatment Applied in Turkey

Dental implant treatments in Turkey are carried out with a series of treatment methods diversified according to different needs and situations. Some of these methods are as follows:

One-Stage Implant Treatment: In one-stage implant treatment, the implant is placed directly under the gum and a temporary or permanent prosthesis is immediately attached to it. This method shortens the healing process of the implant and accelerates the treatment process.

Two-Stage Implant Treatment: In the two-stage implant treatment, the implant is placed in the jawbone in the first stage and covered. In the second stage, the prosthesis is attached to the implant. This method requires waiting for the implant to fuse well with the bone, but it is preferred to achieve successful results in the long term.

All-on-4/All-on-6 Treatment: All-on-4 or All-on-6 treatment is a fixed bridge application for missing teeth. In this method, all upper or lower teeth are supported by a fixed bridge using 4 or 6 implants. This treatment method offers an effective and fast solution for complex tooth deficiencies.

Sinus Lifting and Grafting: In cases where the jawbone is insufficient, surgical procedures such as sinus lifting and grafting can be performed before implant placement. These procedures are performed to strengthen the jawbone and increase bone volume for successful placement of the implant.

Zirconium Implants: As an alternative to traditional titanium implants, aesthetic and biocompatible zirconium implants are also preferred in Turkey. Zirconium implants are an option that has no risk of allergy and provides a natural tooth appearance.

Dentaliva Dental Clinic: One of Turkey's Leading Implant Treatment Brands

Dentaliva is a leading dental clinic in Turkey, known for the quality and reliable services it offers in the field of dental health. It is considered one of the best implant treatment brands in the country, especially with the successful results it offers in dental implant treatments.

The brands preferred by Dentaliva for dental implant treatments are internationally recognized, reliable and high-quality implant brands. These brands ensure that implant treatments are successful and long-lasting. Dentaliva adopts this high quality approach in implant treatments in other dental treatments as well.

Dentaliva offers treatments not only in implant treatments, but also in many areas such as aesthetic dentistry, tooth whitening, dental fillings, zirconium coating, gum treatments and pediatric dentistry. The clinic's expert and experienced dentists personalize each treatment according to the patient's needs and expectations.

Dentaliva's experienced dentists constantly participate in international training programs and learn and apply the latest treatment methods and technologies. In this way, Dentaliva guarantees superior service quality and successful results in both implant treatments and other dental treatments.

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