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All On 6 in Turkey (All On Six in Turkey)

All On 6 in Turkey (All On Six in Turkey)

The all-on-six in Turkey achieves successful results by combining expert staff, modern technology, quality materials and affordable price advantages. Dentaliva Dental Clinic offers a reliable choice as an address that stands out with the quality service it offers in this field. The all-on-six implant is a type of dental implant that replaces the entire dental arch. Instead of making individual implants like classical implant types, they are fixed to the jawbone with six implant screws. What makes All on Six implant treatment different from classical implant treatments is not the number of implants, but the feature of the implant-supported prosthesis. The implant-supported prosthesis is placed on the implants by screwing them with spacers called multiunit.

What is the All On Six Implant Technique?

The all-on-six implant technique is performed much faster than classical dental implants. In classical implant treatments, there is a 3-month waiting period after the implant is placed in the jawbone. In the all-on-six implant technique, temporary fixed teeth are placed on the implants as soon as they are placed.

In the all-on-six implant treatment, a titanium screw is placed into the jawbone. Titanium screws are positioned at almost equal distances. Thus, they offer the strength that the jaw needs. Crown parts are produced from porcelain or zirconium.

All-on-six implant is  a type of implant-supported dentures. While in classical treatments one implant is planned for each missing tooth, in this technique six implants are applied per jaw. The all-on-six implant technique is based on getting maximum efficiency from the prosthesis by providing extra support.

Who Can Have All-On-Six Implants?

The all on six implant technique is for those who want to have an entire dental arch implanted. It is a more cost-effective solution to replace the missing natural teeth. It offers a better appearance compared to denture teeth. They are also more comfortable due to their extra functionality.

The six implants used in the all-on-six implant technique give extra strength to the jaw. Bone loss that may occur due to missing teeth can be prevented. They are much more reliable for those looking for a long-term solution. The difference with all-on-four is that it gives extra strength to the jaw structure.

The situation of each person who wants to have an implant is different. If you want to have an all-on-six implant, your oral health and general health must be in good condition. Your dentist decides whether you are suitable for treatment by looking at images such as three-dimensional tomography.

Is it risky to have an All-on-six Implant in Turkey?

All-on-six implant treatment in Turkey has surgical procedures. This treatment has absolutely no risks depending on the country. However, each surgical procedure has its own specific risks. These risks do not originate from the country where the treatment is performed. There are possible risks after every surgical procedure. These risks are generally very low and the number of patients experiencing complications is very low. These lower risks are as follows:

Infection: If you ignore your dentist's recommendations after treatment, you run the risk of infection. Infection causes implant treatment to fail. For this reason, you should follow your dentist's recommendations.

Nerve Damage: If your dentist damages the nerves while placing the implant, you will experience some negative effects. If the nerves in the jaw are damaged, your lips and cheeks may become numb.

Sinus Complication: The sinus cavity, which is an anatomical space, is important for implant treatments. In patients who remain toothless for a long time, the sinus cavity sags downwards and causes bone resorption. This complication may also occur during All-on-six implant treatment.

In general, the success rate of implant treatments is very high. If your dentist is experienced, you will not have any problems. However, if you see an inexperienced dentist to reduce the cost of treatment, you may face the risk of complications.

What are the Advantages of All-On Six Implant?

All-on-six implants do not cause problems such as slipping in the mouth. This problem, which is frequently experienced with dentures, can negatively affect your quality of life. You will not experience any problems such as slipping after the implants are placed right in the jaw arch.

This type of implant is a fast technique. Immediately after the implants are placed, fixed temporary prostheses are made on the implants and no teeth are left during the fusing of the implants with the bone. “Implant in one day” treatment concepts offer a very comfortable experience.

The most important aspect of the all-on-six implant technique is that it requires a small number of implants. The number is significantly reduced, especially when compared to implant-supported prostheses. Naturally, the recovery period after treatment progresses much faster.

Since the all-on-six implant provides extra strength to the jawbone, your ability to chew and speak is positively affected. You can protect your oral health thanks to implants that function just like natural teeth. At the same time, you can improve your general appearance.

In addition to all these advantages, all-on-six treatment in Turkey also has special advantages. All-on-six in Turkey is applied by experienced specialist dentists. In recent years, Turkey is one of the countries that offers the most advanced methods and techniques in medicine, plastic surgery and dental treatments at the most affordable prices. Since it is a touristic country, you can have an all-on-six treatment even during your holiday.

What is the Cost of All-On-Six Implant in Turkey?

Prices of all-on-six implant in Turkey vary. It is necessary to consider different criteria such as the current condition of the patient, the procedures to be performed before the implant, the time to be allocated to the treatment and post-treatment care. In general, it is more cost-effective than classical implant treatment. Getting an all-on-six implant instead of an implant-supported prosthesis can save you money. No matter what, you should remember that you will need to allocate a certain budget for the treatment.

Dentaliva Dental Clinic: Quality and Reliable Treatment

Standing out in Turkey for all-on-six implants, Dentaliva Dental Clinic is a leading organization that offers quality and reliable service in this field. Dentaliva is known for its experienced and expert dentists, modern facilities and patient satisfaction-oriented approach.

Dentaliva Dental Clinic adopts a patient-oriented approach during the all-on-six implant treatment process and prioritizes the comfort of its patients. With its expert dentists' use of advanced technology and personalized treatment plans, Dentaliva is one of the clinics in Turkey where all-on-six implant treatment is provided in the best way.

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