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All On 4 in Turkey (All On Four in Turkey)

All On 4 in Turkey (All On Four in Turkey)

All-on-Four implant treatment is a modern treatment method that offers an effective solution for people with naturally missing teeth. Turkey stands out in this regard with its world-renowned healthcare services and experienced experts. Here are the advantages of All-on-Four implant in Turkey:

Expertise and Experience

Turkey has an internationally respected position in dental implant treatment. Turkish dentists have extensive experience in modern treatment methods and are constantly receiving training. This ensures that patients receive treatment with the best expertise. These efforts make all-on-4 in Turkey one of the best implant options in the world.

High Quality Materials

Dental implant clinics in Turkey use high quality materials in their treatments. All-on-Four implant treatment is performed with reliable and durable materials. In this way, patients achieve a long-lasting and natural-looking smile. In addition, high-quality materials increase the success rate of the treatment. Because quality materials are a must for a successful treatment.

Quick and Effective Solution

All-on-Four implant treatment is a method that quickly solves the toothlessness problem. Using only four implants shortens the treatment process and allows patients to have their new teeth in a short time. This allows patients to return to their daily lives more quickly. The small number of implants results in shorter treatment times and earlier recovery.

Natural Look and Comfort

All-on-Four implantation technique offers patients a natural tooth structure. Teeth are designed in harmony with the person's facial features and an aesthetic appearance is achieved. Additionally, since implants resemble natural teeth, patients can easily regain their chewing functions.

Affordable Prices

In Turkey, all-on-four implant treatment, like other health services, is generally offered at competitive prices. All-on-Four implant treatment also offers an economical option in this context. Accessing high quality services at affordable prices increases the popularity of dental health tourism in Turkey.

Stages of All on Four Implant

Missing all teeth has many negative effects that affect daily life, from speaking to chewing, from taste to cosmetic appearance. In addition, the jaw bone gradually weakens due to missing teeth. It is very difficult to apply implant treatment to replace all the teeth of patients who have lost or are about to lose all their teeth, both in terms of cost and the length of the treatment process. On the other hand, all-on-four implant treatment offers an extremely effective solution to patients who have lost all their teeth.

In All on 4 implant treatment, instead of placing individual implants for all teeth, implants are placed at four different points of the jawbone. In this way, the prosthetic teeth to be added to the implant roots are fixed. Two of the All on 4 implant roots are located in the front and the other two are in the back. It is possible to get successful results in a short time with all on four implant treatment, which is an extremely fast method. The stages applied during the all on four implant technique can be listed as follows:

The first stage involves doctor treatment, just like in the traditional implant procedure. At this stage, for the all-on-four implant technique, the patient's mouth and jaw structure are removed with the help of radiological imaging.

If the patient still has a few teeth in his mouth, these teeth are removed by applying local anesthesia before proceeding with all-on-four implant treatment.

If the extracted teeth are compatible with the position of the roots to be placed for the all four implant techniques, it is possible to place the implants immediately.

If the patient's dental measurements are taken and appropriate prosthetic teeth are made, the prostheses can be placed after the implant is applied. In this sense, the all on 4 implant technique is an extremely practical application for patients.

On the other hand, if the implant is not placed during extraction, it is necessary to wait 3 months to place the prosthesis. During this process, a temporary prosthesis can be fitted.

Contrary to popular belief, the all on four implant technique is not a longer or more difficult process than other implant treatments. Since implants are applied to only 4 points of the jawbone instead of all teeth, the healing process is easy.

Features of All On Four Treatment

It is the technique of providing fixed dental prosthesis to edentulous patients with a single surgical procedure on the same day.

It does not involve any advanced surgical procedures, such as sinus lift surgery or bone grafting.

Dental implant treatment planning is made specifically for the individual.

Cleaning and maintenance is easier than conventional dental implant-based fixed dental prostheses.

It is suitable for patients who cannot use removable dentures and have nausea reflexes.

Its design is different from full dentures.

The number of sessions required is small. It is also preferred by patients residing outside the city or abroad.

Aesthetic and Healthy Change in Your Smile with Dentaliva Dental Clinic

Dentaliva draws attention with the innovative solutions it offers in all-on-four implant treatment. Experienced dentists use highly advanced technological devices for this treatment.

Dentists who have achieved success in All-on-Four implant treatment offer their patients a reassuring treatment process. Each patient is evaluated specifically for his or her individual needs and the treatment planning is carefully made  by expert dentists.

All-on-Four implant treatment is performed quickly and effectively at Dentaliva. Using only four implants shortens the treatment process and allows patients to have new teeth in a shorter time. This makes it easier for them to quickly return to their daily lives.

Dentaliva has an approach that deals with its patients one-on-one and prioritizes their satisfaction. Throughout the treatment process, patients receive personalized service tailored to their needs and are informed at every stage.

As a result, Dentaliva Dental Clinic offers an aesthetic, comfortable and reliable solution to individuals experiencing toothlessness with All-on-Four implant treatment. You can contact Dentaliva's expert staff to experience the change in your smile and get healthy teeth.

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