A correct smile design forms the basis of aesthetic dentistry. The smile design is personal.
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What is Smile Design?

A correct smile design forms the basis of aesthetic dentistry. The smile design is personal. The most natural and healthiest design can be obtained in accordance with the skin color, face shape and gender, taking into account the expectations and special demands of the patients. The dentist combines his/her knowledge and art for a good smile design. Many applications such as bleaching, porcelain lamina, coatings with zirconium substructure, orthodontics, lip form, implant, gingival form can be used in smile design.

How to Create a Smile Design?

Many factors such as gingival health, gaps between teeth, gingiva levels and balance between them, levels of contact points between teeth, tooth dimensions, surface structures, cutting edge adaptation are handled and best results are tried to be achieved.

Which anatomical structure is suitable for your face shape is determined and the most appropriate tooth form is selected. For instance, while males have sharper and more apparent lineaments, females have more circular and softer lineaments.


Dentaliva Dental Clinic started its activities in 2012 in Başakşehir, one of the modern districts of Istanbul, with the motto of "For Everyone to Smile" in order to provide you with the best service.

In addition to being a professional in business by keeping comfort and satisfaction in the foreground; It has adopted the principle of providing a comfortable and peaceful environment to its patients with its disciplined, friendly staff and providing quality service with its experienced and specialist physicians.

Dentaliva Dental Clinic, which has been continuing its service since 2012 in order to appeal to every audience and need, continues to grow with its expert staff and highly motivated team.

In this context, we opened our 2nd branch of “Private Avcılar Dentaliva Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic” in Avcılar and our 3rd branch in Altunizade on the Anatolian Side.

Our Avcılar branch has 5 floors and provides you with the best comfort with many facilities such as 7 patient units, male-female mosque, baby care room, children's playground to ensure your comfort.

Our Altunizade branch provides you with the best comfort with 5 patient units, a prayer room for men and women, and a playground for children.


We came with my wife on recommendation from the Netherlands. As a result of the examination, it was decided to cover Zirconium and Laminate Veneer. It was carried out successfully. Thank you.


Gums, gaps between teeth, gum levels and the balance between them, the levels of the contact points between the teeth, external dimensions, surface structures, cutting-edge, such as alignment are a lot of factors, and we try to obtain the best result. It is determined which anatomical structure your face shape is suitable for and the most appropriate tooth form is selected. For example, men have sharper and more pronounced lines, while in women this condition is more rounded and soft.

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