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Dt. Görkem Göksoy

Dt. Görkem Göksoy
Dt. Görkem Göksoy

Place of Birth  



English, Turkish

 Professional Interests  

  • Laminate Veneer, Zirconium, All On Four, Hybrid Prostheses, Inley-Onley
  • Jaw-Face Prostheses, Bruxism (Grinding or Clenching of the Teeth) Joint Splint, Night Plate


  • 2013-2018: Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry
  • 2018-      : Istanbul University, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry Doctorate Program

Doctoral Thesis Status 

 2018-  : Istanbul University, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry Doctorate Program 


  • Net Surgery Aesthetic Oral and Dental Health Policlinic 
  • Dentaliva Oral and Dental Health Policlinic Basaksehir


  • Aesthetic Dentistry Academy Association (ADAA)
  • TDA (Turkish Dental Association) 
  • ICD (Istanbul Chamber of Dentists)
  • ITI (International Team for Implantology)

Attended Courses, Symposiums and Congresses

  •  14.11.2016 EDAD- Canal? Implant? Which is true and when? (Seminar)
  • 12.12.2016 EDAD- Implant and prosthesis planning in total toothlessness (Seminar)
  • 16.01.2017 EDAD- What would you do if you were? (Seminar)
  • 13.02.2017 EDAD- Immediate loading and immediate implantation (Seminar)
  • 13.03.2017 EDAD- Case presentations (Seminar)
  • 17.04.2017 EDAD- Composite? Lamina? Orthodontic treatment? (Seminar)
  • 29-30 April 2017- TDB 11th National Student Congress Ankara
  • 06.05.2017 EDAD- Young EDAD clinical days (Seminar)
  • 13-15 October 2017- 21st International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress Istanbul
  • 21-24 September 2017- TDB 12th National Student Congress Istanbul
  • 27-29 October 2017- Greatist Istanbul (Congress)
  • 27.02.2018- GC Composite Layering Course - Istanbul
  • 02-04 November 2018- TPID Dicle (Symposium)
  • 06-08 December 2019 -ITI SECTION Antalya
  • 05 January 2020 GC Diastema Closing Course Istanbul
  • 01 February 2020 Functional Aesthetic Restorations in the Posterior Region
  • 02 February 2020 FujiFilm Dental Photography
  • 23 February 2020 Diode Laser Applications in Dentistry
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